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사랑한다는 흔한 말

A common word like 'I love you'

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Not like the movies.
{bad girl ♥ missA}
I have attained a new level of boredom. Now that the media project is completed, I'm watching an ancient Chinese drama and that freaking song is stuck in my head. Three guesses as to what. Here's the clue,


Once I start on the sequel, I won't be able to stop. The characters are so likeable! Well, except for Er Kang. His name just cracks me up and well, his face too.

Now, excuse me while I head along to sing to the theme song.


Oh gawd, someone please shoot me.
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HAHAHAHA!! this is hilarious!

That show is actually really addictive, HAHAHAHAHHA!

HAHAHA!!! i nearly fainted when i saw 你是風兒,我是沙!!
LMAO.. anyways, i repeat that drama more than 3 times..

HAHAHAHAHHA! I think people will die from laughing if I tweet that, so I'm blogging instead. Recently, blogging seems much more fun. So imma update more now.

And yessssss, this show is so funny. I remember liking it so much during my primary school days. Anw, I watched the 3rd sequel; it is damn saddddddd!!!! Even though they changed almost the entire cast (except Er Kang -__-), the show gets better in the later episodes. But still, the new emperor in that 3rd one is such a bad actor. I feel like punching his face.

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