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사랑한다는 흔한 말

A common word like 'I love you'

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Write a Song about Yesterday.
{bad girl ♥ missA}

Hi guys,

The banana has spoken.

With school closing its doors on me, I'm free from homework commitments, late night panic attacks and irregular meal times.

That was a month ago.

Right now, not much have changed. I'm committed to a new guinea pig, I'm still sleeping at odd hours and eating at the wrong time.

Pretty much heading down a route that guarantees instant death from boredom.

Contributing to my dashboard summary of my life is my non-existent love life.

The constant questions and futile attempts at matchmaking by my family and friends are putting me on a spot right now.

No, I'm not asexual but cornering me to a cliff is as good as forcing me to pledge myself to the nunnery.

I hate the push.

Here's hoping that the universe is just as patient and is diligently throwing bricks my way to form the yellow brick road.

Alright, toodles! I know it's been a while since i last blogged.

I was nominated, remember? (refer to last entry)

I should be back soon. Till then, here's a napkin to wipe away your tears. I'm proud of myself too.

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(Deleted comment)

You and I, both. Let's hope life would finally take pity on us and pave the future for us. I'm tired of guessing and waiting.

Ps. This is menstruation speaking.

How could you have stopped writing? Totally laughed at the wordplays. Hahaha! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the entry! Tissue by my side. HAHAHA! You better blog more! Hee!! Oh oh oh! Don't worry, we will continue to help you search for the love of your life! I am excited for the next step of our lives. And oh yes.. Start by writing your resume! LOVE!!! <3

<3 I'm excited and tired about the next phase of life :(
Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!

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