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사랑한다는 흔한 말

A common word like 'I love you'

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Dancin' away with my heart.
{bad girl ♥ missA}

'sup guys, I'm back!

Seeing how I'm getting comfortable with blogging on a Wednesday morning, on a smart-ass autocorrect machine seems to paint a pretty clear picture of my less-than-awesome life.

My brain is starting to register the sad notion of "school is over, get a job" and is aggressively sending this message across by imposing Insomnia on this poor soul, that is yours truly.

Why do we have to grow up so fast? :( The never-ending cycle of studying, working, and socializing, that all to return back to a flat with residual family warmth accumulated from months ago is making me feel so tired.

Sometimes, bro-and-me time isn't enough.

Home is not where the heart is (wait, did I reverse the saying?), home is where people curl up late in the night, drinking in emptiness and silence.

My life is a theatrical emo-rock song, really. Can't wait for this self-loathing to end some time, next week. Till then, I shall embrace nature's fucktastic women cramps.

Sorry for the angst. Cramps make me feel Korean.

Good day!

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