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사랑한다는 흔한 말

A common word like 'I love you'

Secret Smile.
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"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
— Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey.

Just when I thought I lost my muse for blogging, the untouched ethics essay has to provoke it.

Let me introduce my new favourite people in the world. They are the ones who made my mornings of smashing the alarm clock against the wall, worth it. It's amazing how far we've come from being total strangers to a group of morons who made it our mission to leave echoes of our laughters in the corridors of the school.

Taking photos have become a tradition among other things and really, it warms my heart to find someone, or fives, who understand your jokes and find humor in the worst situations.

I'm so glad I screwed up Accountancy and boarded the Communication ship. Thank you for throwing me a shit ass GPA and make me find my way here. It's the best decision in my life and I'm hardly ever wrong. Like the time when I decide to boycott Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and the Simpsons; best decision ever! I've never looked back since and to quote Super Junior, life's just gonna get better.

Everything began from the moment I decide to sit by Maleeha. Remind me to buy you ice-cream.

They are amazing and I hope they know that.






Okay, that freaking textbook just fell off the cabinet and landed on my head.

I guess I better work on that stupid essay.

Go to hell, Ethics.

Spider in my room.
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Hi all,

I know, it annoys me as well that I'm penning an entry once a month.

But really, the amount of social networking sites I pledged myself to, is enough to keep me awake during the night. And, I probably should mention the awesome television series and awful school assignments since they all come in one package.

So, what's new?

As of yesterday, Term Break has come knocking on my door!

Went Somerset with Irene and Nicole for a impromptu shopping trip.

Irene was searching for bunny ears, which as expected, didn't go very well. We only manage to find a couple of weird fuzzy balls and those hair bands/ties that probably weigh a ton.

Hence, we channel what's left of our energy into shoe shopping.

Shoes and bags are my Kryptonite. If I were a villain in a movie, the hero/heroine will just have to raise up a pair of beautiful heels, and I'll surrender.


We ended this joyful day with a few bowls of wanton mee and a round of chinese desserts.

Sorry guys, it's about time to leave the house. My blogging spirit always seem to surface whenever I'm suppose to meet someone. It's quite amusing actually.

Oh, and please welcome wickd_irene to Livejournal. I hope she remembers her password. :/

PS. I didn't know Tang Yuan is called A BOING. If I'd known better, I would think they're trying to act cute.

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Young In: “Why do you raise turtles? You could have dogs, or cats.”
Seung Hyo: “They’re quiet, and not bothersome. And they’ll live longer than me. If they try to run away, they walk slower than I do, so I’d never lose them. Even if they left, they’d go to the sea, and I’ll know where to look and wait.”
- Who Are You, credit dramabeans.

For some odd reasons, the conversation about turtles jumped up at me. It's so sad.

I can't believe I missed out on this drama for the past 2 years. It's hilarious and cleverly littered with scenes that tug at your heartstrings! Highly recommended if you're looking for something simple/stress-free to watch. This lacks the usual complications that korean or hong kong dramas eagerly provides. Besides, there's only 17 episodes! How awesome!

Conspiracy theory.
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Our minds work in amazing ways.

I was contemplating about life just a while ago in the toilet. I reckon you would too if you spent a whole 30 minutes in the pooping box with nothing but 4 walls for your amusement.

Being a female is a curse sometimes. I don't think this has been stressed enough. Menses cramp(s) and constipation do not go well together. It felt like I was shitting out my intestines. During this whole time, speech bubbles such as these, "OMG, how do we know if it's the right hole that's bleeding?", "am I dying?", "are all my organs in place? Cus' it bloody hell feels like my liver just switched places with my stomach", kept popping up in my mind.

I even pictured a scene in my funeral where friends and family were holding back their laughters while going, "That poor girl.. she literally shit to her death."

Rather than having my whole life flashing before my eyes, I had some sort of twisted flash forward to an alternate universe. It was the most torturous half hour of my life.

I guess there's a reason why people place books and magazines in the toilet. That pooping box brings out the weirdest imaginations.

PS. This entry is not to be taken seriously.

Sleep through the static.
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There are always times like these where you know there's like a shitload of school assignments pushing against your spine but you're not exactly sure when's the deadline(s).

Feeling disoriented and slightly giddy from the short yet draggy CNY break.

Let's see...

#1 PR BLOG - I'm heading nowhere with this assignment without the textbook. Like a fool, I left it lying in the Mac Lab full of potential lurkers ready to ruin your mood seeing how they casually delete precious work in progress off computers without warning (but Weasley brought it home, thank god!) I guess I'll start with the comments first.

#2 News Story 3 - Planning to finish this by Tuesday; I hope the interview with Dad's biz friend, Kim, will be sufficient.

#3 Daily Miracle discussions - START READINGS 18/2! -_-+

#4 Current Affairs Quizzes - 2 more, and I'm pretty sure I missed last week's, gotta check.

#5 SurveyMonkey shit - [insert blank] .. so screwed.

#6 Audio Production - I'm hoping March continues to stay far away. Don't creep any closer ..yet.

#7 There's this thing about an O** woman that we're supposed to create a miracle solution for - Idk. Read assignment guidelines 20/2.

Good luck, Me and anyone who needs it.

Live like we're dying.
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Playing Blackjack at the round table got me thinking.

It is during big occasions such as this that I wonder if my aunts, uncles and especially my cousins, remember my Mom as wonderful as she is back when she was still in the family.

Do they see her as I do when I was 10? The best Mother figure that one dreams to have and gets along with just about everyone (except well, my Dad). It always sends my mind into overdrive whenever my cousin mentions how Mom used to dote on her and was her favourite before I was born. Do you still think of her that way? In that little blurry memory when all was still happy and calm, I wonder.

I was just talking about blood types with my Dad a few days ago. I'm pretty sure I'm an A, judging from the huge amount of worrying and thinking I do in my sub-conscious mind. A side that only surfaces when happiness reaches the brim and is no longer capable of holding joyful thoughts. It sneaks in during the night when all's quiet and you're left with yourself to reflect on. It's something that comes back no matter how happy you are.

I wonder if I would like them to know Mom as she is right now. People change, and so she did. As did I. I'm not as confident now as I did about the memories I've built with my Mom as compared to then, when I was 10 (and younger). The memories are just getting fewer by the years; fading in numbers. What about my brother, who's five years younger, and would probably hold much fewer memories of her? I recall tears that used to tickle the corner of my eyes as I discover a little scrapbook with the names of "Dad, Mom, Sister and me together forever" written in the distinct untidy handwriting of my brother. Simple words that speak volumes. Heartbreaking will be an understatement. There are no words.

I don't think any child should experience the effects of a parent's divorce. It's almost as cruel as child labour.

I'll never fully understand what happened and where things got snowballed from. Whatever happens, happens. We're not perfect but we're broken in just the right pieces that can still be mended through time and love. Things could have been much worse but it didn't. I love my family the way they are, every single one of them.

Show your family some love, give them a hug!

Happy chinese new year, everyone! :)

Ps. Blogging via phone, some parts may not even make sense. Good night!

Can't let you go even if I die.
{group hug ♥ todoke}
Thank you for making the back-hug happen!

2AM ♥
They deserve to win! :D
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Confessions of a Noona.
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No overnight queuing, MY ASS.

We headed down at 7 in the morning to be greeted with a crowd of screaming fangirls.

It was INSANE!

Rumors were going round that people had started queuing up since last night. To be specific, a fan who came down at 9pm the day before was already no. 392 in the line. Do the math.

At this point, the inner Noona in me is crying …ㅠㅠ (Cue: Sad Violin)

The queues were really disorganized and fans were screaming while and running at random intervals. It was an amusing sight.

Then came the best part.


Whoa, yeah.. it was both freaky and amazing.

Almost like a cut scene from a disaster movie.

Of course, I had to join in the fun. And yes, this marks my ultimate crazy fangirl moment. I actually joined in the pushing and squeezing minus the screaming. It was like the fierce Noona in me us were unleashed. It felt strangely exciting? Lol.

But really, that was crazy dangerous. The sliding doors of the entrance were letting out silent screams as the HUGE glass door bent inwards. A perfect equation that includes horror and amusement for my part.

Following that, we raced up long flights of stairs to the fifth floor. As described by Rachel, I don't think we'd ever ran this fast for a marathon.

Sadly, the security guards weren't as fragile.

We were denied access to the roof. Dun dun dun dun.

So much for that short adventure.

Too lazy to continue.
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When I first heard that Jo Kwon was gonna be in We Got Married with Ga In, I scoffed at the idea and even choke on my cereal. I mean, I love this guy so freaking much but it's Jo Kkap Kwon we're talking about here.

Kkap Kwon. The definition of flamboyant.

I guess we should never assume when it comes to Jo Kwon.

I break into huge fits of laughter every weekend because of them.

In a few hours, the new episode will be out~

Feeling more excited than usual about today's WGM.

Kwon's gonna serenade "Propose" at JYP Concert as a surprise event for his yeobo!

Kekeke~ How romantic! ♥

I can already foresee the hilarity of the situation.

BRB. Modeling Perfect Husband over Jo Kwon.

PS. I gave up writing a proper review because I'm feeling too lazy.

EDIT// Kwon's performance cut

Starts around 1:07.
HE HE HE HE HE HE. LOL at the booty shake amidst all that nervousness.

Disclaimer: those .gifs do not belong to me. Neither do Kwon and Ga In. Thank you very kamsa much to the people who created these gifs.
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That Other Land.
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YOU ARE NOT SEEING THINGS! I'm actually blogging right now! Just because there's an overwhelming need to rant about the injustices of this world. This actually feels kinda strange and slightly intimidating. My hands are trembling, really. To sum things up, my life's been pretty crazy lately.

It was less than a week ago that an ex-schoolmate of mine passed on. At first, I thought it was some kinda sick joke or my eyes had somehow fucked up; but the phone calls and text messages kept coming in. And as the truth sets in, there was only one word. Why.

Through this, we've all fallen victims to the crashing reality that is death. It's like a brick to the face. So bloody unforeseeable and painful. It saddens me that her emotional wounds weren't healed before she died. We're all very much affected by this. Somehow, it did steal a piece of everyone who knew her. We're only 20, going on 21, and sitting at a friend's funeral? Not just once, but twice.

I can't vouch for everyone but whatever that comes after death is not gonna be a life as we've thought it to be when we're alive. At the end of the day, memories are all we have of those we've lost.

We're done with this. No more suicides, thank you very much.

It is not a pretty sight to those left behind.

So, please.

Show courage and strength.. live on.
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